Schools Trying to Fill Gaps in Child Psychiatry

Schools trying to fill gaps in child psychiatry
Now we're getting more issues like eating disorders, anxiety and depression," White said. School counselors have noticed an increase in student absences for mental health appointments with specialists outside the Cedar Valley. In a recent survey, … Read more on Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

Take time to recover from compassion fatigue
Do all those things your eighth-grade health teacher taught you: eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise. Practice good emotional and physical health maintenance. Investigate senior programs in your … Begin with Mary's family doctor, who can make a … Read more on The Outer Banks Voice

February is cancer prevention month
Hematology, he said, is the study and treatment of both “benign and malignant processes in the blood,” and of “blood disorders.” Oncology, of course …. Moreover, eating a healthy diet can have a pronounced impact on the risk for colon cancer. People … Read more on Greensburg Daily News