Schizophrenia Symptoms?

Question by some time: Schizophrenia symptoms?
Let me ask you something:

If you have had the so called “symptoms” of “schizophrenia” at some point or another in your life and never been labeled as “schizophrenic” does that make you not schizophrenic?

If you have ever been labeled as “schizophrenic” and never actually had the symptoms of schizophrenia does that make you more schizophrenic?

What do “you” understand the symptoms of “schizophrenia” to be?
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Has anybody gotten these answers yet? No, I didnt think so?

1. Evidence That Establishes the validity of “schizophrenia” “depression” or other “major mental Illnesses” as biologically-based brain diseases.

2. Evidence For A Physical Diagnostic Exam such as a scan, blood, urine, genes, spinal fluid, etc that can distinguish individuals with these diagnoses (prior to treatment with drugs), from individuals without these diagnoses.

3. Evidence For a Base-line Standard of a neurochemically balanced “normal” personality, against which an “imbalance” can be measured and corrected by pharmaceutical means.

4. Evidence That Any Psychiatric Drug can correct a “chemical imbalance” attributed to a psychiatric diagnoses, and is any thing more than a non-specific alterer of physiology.

5. Evidence That Any Drug can reliably decrease the likelihood of violence or suicide.

6. Evidence That Psychotropic Drugs do not in fact increase the overall likelihood of violence and suicide

Best answer:

Answer by homeward07
The history of Psychology reveals that the stranger the term, the greater the income, for those who spent their time as voyeurs of the bizarre.

There is no mental illness. Nor physical ailments. Medicine has conned several generations into believing that God made mistakes. That the human body is imperfect, and unable to correct all imbalances, naturally. They use microscopes because they seek what simply doesn’t exist.


Each of us is different. Some express themselves in ways that cause envy, others, in ways that inspire imitation. Still others do things that we may think odd, but if left alone, will be accepted as normal, given enough time.

Stay far from doctors, and anyone else who has paid money for “education.”

You are normal. Just because people stare at you, or some journalist may one day take footage of you for all to see, due to some spectacular interest you’ve suddenly chosen…know that you belong here as much as me, or anyone else.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of millions as they are shown that there never was cancer, autism or aging? It was all illusion, for the sake of filling hospitals, and bank accounts.

Try not to kill anyone without fair warning. Other than that, have life at your own pace.

Answer by Melissa H
First of all, everyone has a little schizo in them. Any doctor will tell you that.

Catatonic type:

Motor disturbances
Inability to take care of personal needs
Decreased sensitivity to painful stimulus
Paranoid type:

Delusional thoughts of persecution or of a grandiose nature
Disorganized type:

Incoherence (not understandable)
Regressive behavior
Flat affect
Inappropriate laughter
Repetitive mannerisms
Social withdrawal

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