Saying "It'S Your Depression Talking" Takes Away My Voice

Saying "It's Your Depression Talking" Takes Away My Voice
Reviewing my situation wasn't giving me any special clarity, my therapist's insights weren't helping, and I was getting more and more frustrated and upset as the hour went on. It felt so stupid to interrupt my workday, drag myself halfway across the … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

Prison data reveals disorders are severe for many mentally ill inmates
The breakdown indicates that many Oklahoma inmates who need mental-health treatment are suffering from serious disorders, not just mild forms of depression or the “blues” about being locked up. And the number of mentally ill prisoners is rising. In the … Read more on Norman Transcript

It's not the wine that's the problem, it's the whining
Research shows that 29 per cent of women in the UK will seek help for mental illness – as opposed to 17 per cent of men. Even accounting for men's traditional reticence, women are clearly more affected by depression. They are the only ones to bear … Read more on (blog)