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San Francisco California Alcoholism Rehabilitation – Individuals, who endure the fight to stay clean and sober or strive to recover fully from their drug habit, are the ones that benefit from the program. The addiction of drugs disallows an individual to actively participate in their own lives. They become bystanders as they watch their lives come to a wreck. They are not able to enjoy the fullness of life when it comes to being joyful and happy. Drugs bring a lot of chaos and struggle into an individual’s life as they battle to quit the habit without much success. When you know that your loved one is struggling with this destructive habit, it can be quite overwhelming to say the least. Various individuals all around the United States are facing this reality. Their loved one no longer has any quality to their lives nor any kind of happiness. The life of drugs is a traumatic and devastating one. For more information follow the link above or give us a call at 1-866-211-5538


DeSoto provides help to people 18 and older

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For adults, "there's a huge need especially for drug and alcohol facilities and rehab," said Fortenberry. Providing services in DeSoto to people 18 and older are a staff of 50, she said, including case managers and therapists, drug and alcohol …
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The Miracle Boy

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I finagled the state vocational-rehabilitation department into splitting the cost with me. The technology was still …. I liked the way Wilfried Sheed's In Love With Daylight weaved his polio-stricken childhood into a narrative about alcoholism and …
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Dear editor,

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We have too many drug and alcohol related cases, abuse of all types such as mental, physical, and verbal, not to mention sexual assaults of all types from minors plus adults. In most cases people do not stop until someone they love dies from their …
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The song that made me fall in love again says Dawn French

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Mark is chief executive of the alcohol and drug rehabilitation charity she had co-founded, called Hamoaze House. Dawn, 55, said she prizes the track above all others. She shares her life with Mark, walking on the beach and cooking in rural Cornwall.


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