Salvation Army Rehab Rules?

Question by : Salvation Army Rehab rules?
Recently my father was in the Salvation Army Rehab program… not even for 24 hours, actually… but I guess the rules were if you got three strikes, they kicked you out. I was just wondering what exactly they gave strikes for?

Also, now he is in a new rehab program. It is only about a three week program with some after outpatient stuff. he is an alcoholic and got into hard drugs (cocaine, opium, etc) I know that the reason for MANY peoples relapses are because they return back to their old environments, etc. After being into this stuff for SO many years.. over 25, i know that much.. what are the chances he’ll come out clean for good? because i know most likely he’s just going through this program to get his family off of his back. I however am just wondering for legal purposes.

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I think he will be come as good soon.Alcoholism and drug addiction are pernicious problems in our society.The fundamental element of an addiction is the inability to stop despite adverse consequences. The more adverse the consequences, the greater the likelihood that there is an addiction present. On a side note, nearly all addicts have someone in their life who will shelter them from consequences of their behavior and who thus delay (sometimes terminally) the addicted person getting into recovery. It’s a sad truth, but sometimes they really won’t get better until the have to choose between sobriety and living on the street.

What to look for in a treatment center is a bit more of a complicated question. Long-term addiction treatment is always, always better. I can’t stress this enough. There is significant clinical evidence that less than 15% of graduates from 28-day programs are sober in a year. We now know that a lot of that has to do with the brain chemistry in early addiction – addicts and alcoholics just need a few months for the serotonin levels in their brain to stabilize! I’m not saying that it can’t be done with 28-day treatment and great aftercare, just that when it’s AT ALL possible, longer-term options should be pursued.

The purpose of drug treatment is to remove a person from the obstacles to sobriety in their day-to-day lives. Most alcoholics and addicts prefer spending time with other alcoholics and addicts – especially if their friends drink or use more! That way they can say “I’m not in trouble – THAT GUY has a problem though!” Removing them from their environment is often completely essential if there is to be hope for sobriety.

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