Rosenthal: A Few Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

Rosenthal: A few tips for beating the winter blues
Mark Rosenthal. Daylight saving time ends Sunday when SAD — or seasonal affective disorder — begins to play its winter blues for more than 10 million Americans. About 75 percent of those who suffer from SAD are women, and latitude also plays a big role. Read more on Boston Herald

REHAB RECOVERY: 17 Celebrities Who Were Successful After Rehab (LIST)
After her release, Nicole seemed to have it all together, but after rumors of an eating disorder, she returned to rehab in 2006. Since her second stint in rehab, Nicole hasn't looked back. In 1988, actress Drew Barrymore entered into rehab at the … Read more on Global Grind

Escaping the Depths of Mental Illness, Stigma & Parity Violations
Whether it is schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder, those who suffer from mental illness all have something in common: Each has struggled with feeling different, struggled to be well, and struggled to make change toward recovery. Read more on (blog)