Resolve Amid Grief in Rockwell City

Resolve amid grief in Rockwell City
Traumatic events can have a powerful effect, even on law enforcement professionals who are trained to deal with violence: loss of appetite and sleep; emotions like anger, guilt and depression. All are normal reactions to traumatic events, experts say … Read more on

Friends say veteran shot at Bay Pines VA was wasting away
The hospital was evacuated and the threatened explosive turned out to be a fake. No patients or staff were … Sometimes Young wasn't up to the patrols and Kenny presumed he suffered from depression, possibly post-traumatic stress disorder. But bearing … Read more on

Vitamin D deficiency in women rise at alarming rate
Another study conducted at King Fahd Hospital in Dammam showed an alarmingly high rate of vitamin D deficiency among both men and women. … Symptoms of chronic vitamin D deficiency include irritability, nervousness, depression, and lethargy. Read more on Saudi Gazette