Residential Treatment…?

residential depression treatment
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Question by ?ac?e?: Residential treatment…?
Lately, my depression is getting out of control. I’ve been in the psych ward at my hospital three times now for attempted suicide, self-injury, depression, etc. I’ve been on tons of meds, I’ve seen tons of doctors and nothing is working for me. I always end up relapsing.

I think… if in the next few months I’m starting to go downhill even more than I already have, I’m going to seek residential treatment. Does anyone have any advice/tips/info about going residential?

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Answer by Shih Tzu
It’s a good place to hide.

Answer by Francesca
If that’s what you think you need, then do it. Maybe that will help you with everything and it might help you straighten up your life a bit. Don’t wait. You might act rashly before then. Talk to your doctor or someone who works at a residential treatment center. Good luck 🙂

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