Research Offers New Ways Out of Depression

Research offers new ways out of depression
Electrical stimulation devices were implanted into the brains of patients with severe depression and bipolar disorder. “In this treatment the stimulation continues all the time – they implant the “pacemaker” and leave it switched on for years – and … Read more on Independent Online

Hanover woman pleads guilty in ax attack on son
In a four-page written statement she eventually provided to investigators, Shepperson described her own longtime issues after being sexually abused as a child, a borderline bi-polar disorder, and depression. “I took the ax into my son's room and began … Read more on Richmond Times Dispatch

Police arrest son of suspect in 2011 killing
At the younger man's arraignment Monday an unidentified relative told a district judge that Robert Daniels III has been treated for a bipolar disorder, ADHD and depression. Both father and son are being held without bail in the Fayette County jail. No … Read more on WPXI Pittsburgh