Rehabilitation for Ataxia Following Chemotherapy for Burkitt Lymphoma Involving the Rectum.

Rehabilitation for ataxia following chemotherapy for burkitt lymphoma involving the rectum.

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Ann Rehabil Med. 2012 Aug; 36(4): 578-83
Kim HS, Jung CO, Jeon HR, Sung LH

Burkitt lymphoma is a type of B-cell lymphoma that occurs mostly in children, and rarely in adults. The sporadic type is known to occur mostly at the ileum and cecum. Cytarabine, which is used for central nervous system prophylaxis during chemotherapy for Burkitt lymphoma, has known neurotoxicity, and its side effects include motor ataxia due to cerebellar injury, ataxic dysarthria, dysfunction of ocular movement, confusion, somnolence and lethargy. This case report is about a patient diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma who manifested motor ataxia after chemotherapy that included cytarabine.
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Shoulder Joint Infectious Arthritis and Acromioclavicular Joint Osteomyelitis due to Candida.

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Ann Rehabil Med. 2012 Aug; 36(4): 573-7
Lim KB, Kwak YG, Kim YS, Park KR

Candida species inhabit the skin and mucous membranes of healthy individuals with low virulence, and osteomyelitis due to candida is very rare. However, the incidence of invasive candidal infection caused by intravenous drug use, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and indwelling central venous catheter is increasing. A 73-year old man visited the outpatient clinic complaining of right shoulder pain that radiated to the right acromioclavicular joint. He had undergone multiple injection procedures followed by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug therapy for several weeks. The ultrasonographic findings showed a heterogeneous mass around the right acromioclavicular joint, while the right shoulder MRI and the overall findings of the body bone scan were suggestive of osteomyelitis. Pathologic findings of ultrasonographically guided joint aspiration fluid showed acute and chronic nonspecific inflammation, while the tissue culture and staining revealed Candida parapsilosis.
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Upper thoracic myelopathy caused by delayed neck extensor weakness in myotonic dystrophy.

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Ann Rehabil Med. 2012 Aug; 36(4): 569-72
Son HK, Cha YS, Suh H, Ki CS, Shin YB

Myotonic dystrophy is the most common autosomal dominant myopathy in adults. Our patient, a 41 year-old female suffering from myotonic muscular dystrophy, developed upper thoracic myelopathy due to hypertrophy of the ligamentum flavum and the posterior longitudinal ligament. She had a typical hatchet face and ptosis with “head hanging forward” appearance caused by neck weakness. Motor weakness, sensory changes and severe pain below T4 level, along with urinary incontinence began 3 months ago. Genetic and electrodiagnostic studies revealed myotonic dystrophy type 1. Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine showed loss of cervical lordosis and spinal cord compression due to hypertrophied ligamentum flavum and posterior longitudinal ligament at T1 to T3 level. We concluded that her upper thoracic myelopathy was likely related to the thickness of the ligamentum flavum and posterior longitudinal ligament due to repetitive mechanical stress on her neck caused by neck muscle weakness with myotonic dystrophy.
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Retropharyngeal abscess initially diagnosed by the videofluoroscopic swallowing study.

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Ann Rehabil Med. 2012 Aug; 36(4): 565-8
Leigh JH, Jung SH

In this article, we report a case where a videofluoroscopic swallowing study (VFSS) revealed the cause of a recently developed idiopathic dysphagia in a 66-year-old patient and enabled emergent treatment. The patient reported a 10-day history of fever, cough, sputum production, and progressive jaundice. He was then admitted to the hospital with suspicion of aspiration pneumonia. Despite treatment with antibiotics, fever and leukocytosis were persistent. As he also reported dysphagia, we performed the VFSS, which showed subglottic aspiration on all types of food and revealed a retropharyngeal mass causing mechanical compression. A contrast-enhanced computerized tomography (CT) of his neck was performed following the VFSS, which helped diagnose the mass as an extensive retropharyngeal abscess with mediastinitis. Following this diagnosis, emergent surgical incision and drainage was performed on the patient. Although the VFSS is primarily designed to evaluate swallowing function rather than to diagnose a disease, it can be used to reveal the primary medical cause of dysphagia while it studies the mechanical and structural abnormalities in the oropharyngeal and esophageal regions. This study also proposes that retropharyngeal abscess should be considered in the differential diagnosis of cases showing progressive dysphagia with fever. As confirmed through this work, the VFSS can function as a useful tool for detecting crucial diseases accompanying deglutition disorder.
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