Rehab/behavioral Center Help…?

Question by adam: rehab/behavioral center help…?
ok so last year i was but in a behavioral center bc i have bad anxiety and anger problems. I was put in UBH (University Behavioral Health) i was an out patient, meaning i would go from 9am-3pm (in patient is when you stay there) and in the past i did self harm, not anymore though, i was in there for 2 and a half months..during school, and no i have therapy. but i got a threat from one of my counselors from school she wanted to send me back for freaking out… i mean i like it there, im calmer bc people understand your problems…but doesnt that stuff go on your record??? like they wont hire me bc or my anxiety??? and when i get mad, i like punch things and stuff.. she said that this year, another incident i’ll be sent back… but does it affect getting jobs..? and have any of you dealt with stuff like this? anxiety? hospitals?…i like to hear your stories please and how you controll your anxiety.. im a junior in high school

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Answer by Jamie Marie
I’ve been to a mental hospital before and when I got out it wasn’t going on my record. I’ve looked at some job applications just to see if they look that closely but they don’t. All they look at is jail records. I don’t know about behavioral health but I don’t think they will look that closely.
So no, I don’t think it’ll affect getting a job 🙂 Stay strong.

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Answer by Phil
That’s a good question, now you’ve got me wondering that myself. In this world of collecting information on people — and sometimes false information — I’m not sure who to check with to find out more. Since even social and psychological info is considered part of medical records keeping, insurance or even public funded history gets recorded somewhere.


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