Rehab Question. Do Not Answer if Yer Not in Washington State or Do Not Know of Washington State Very Well? (2)?

Question by Hot: Rehab question. do not answer if yer not in Washington State or do not know of Washington State very well? (2)?
i got this girl i really like

her dad has issues with drinking.

i am trying to do research on Impatient rehab places.

i need information on this

one is that she currently lives in Monroe with her dad and aside from the fact that he from what i understand is stubborn to get help (he has heart issues btw). the other thing is that i have no idea what impatient places are in Snohomish county (i think that the county monroe is basically in is called/referred to as). i have checked the site on the places known as SeaMar and they are in Washington state but the impatient places she claims are a bit far away and i fear she may have no way to get him over there even if her dad agrees to get help.

one question on this i have is are there any other impatient rehab treatment centers in snohomish county, near snohimish county, or even in king if it near Seattle?

overall be sure in your answers if possible to list all impatient treatment places closest to Monroe.

Also can someone explain to me exactly what outpatient treatment is exactly???

whats involved in that?
do they send staff from where outpaitent places are located to your home and have them check on people?
or do they just expect you to go there often for various meetings and drug test people more often?

can someone explain outpaitent to me and in addition give me the closest locations of impatient treatment facilities closest to Monroe?

thanks a bunch

ps this is a repost of this question into a different category. its under the disease categor as chemical dependency is technically defined as a disease

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Answer by MoonMan
I’ve never been to Washington but I say False

Answer by Nurse Jacki
Outpatient treatment is usually held 3 times a week in a group setting with a facilitator leading the group. He would have get to the meetings on his own, and if he is being “stubborn” about getting help that is probably not a good option for him. With persons who abuse alcohol, they typically have to be physically removed from that substance for a period of time in order to get past the addiction. He would do better if he went to an in patient treatment center. He also might need a medical detox if he drinks heavily, daily, or has been drinking for a long period of time.
The state of Washington has a department that will help you find a center. The number for the Division of Behavioral Health Dept for the state of Washington is 877-301-4557. They may not answer that number on the weekends; the hotline number is 866-787-1511 You can also search online by going to These are state funded programs and not affiliated with any private or for profit treatment centers. I hope that you can convince him to get treatment. Alcoholism does not just resolve or go away. It progresses and worsens unless action is taken. Good for you for helping the two of them!

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