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Rehab For – Rehab.


Honestly, You're Better Off Barefoot
Back from my travels and still a little wrung out from the nearly-inevitable-these-days delays that get you home in the middle of the night when you were scheduled to be there around the dinner hour. There are many pressing, important issues to blog … Read more on Raw Story

Charles McCarry's unbearable masterpiece
2014 will mark the 40th anniversary of “The Tears of Autumn,” the great spy novel by Charles McCarry. I recently reread the book, and realized that the thesis McCarry posits is still difficult to take, if easy to believe. The story would make a … Read more on Daily Caller

1986 – Kiely Williams (3LW, Cheetah Girls) (27)
2001 – James Hetfield of Metalica checks into a rehab facility. 2001 – The Backstreet Boys stopped their Black & Blue World Tour so A.J. McLean could get treatment for depression and alcohol abuse. 2003 – Jack White is in a car accident giving him a … Read more on VVN Music