Rehab Centers: A Spatial Augmented Reality Rehab System for Post-Stroke Hand Rehabilitation.

A spatial augmented reality rehab system for post-stroke hand rehabilitation.

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Stud Health Technol Inform. 2013; 184: 279-85
Mousavi Hondori H, Khademi M, Dodakian L, Cramer SC, Lopes CV

This paper features a Spatial Augmented Reality system for rehabilitation of hand and arm movement. The table-top home-based system tracks a subject’s hand and creates a virtual audio-visual interface for performing rehabilitation-related tasks that involve wrist, elbow, and shoulder movements. It measures range, speed, and smoothness of movements locally and can send the real-time photos and data to the clinic for further assessment. To evaluate the system, it was tested on two normal subjects and proved functional.
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Kinect-Based Posture Tracking for Correcting Positions during Exercise.

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Stud Health Technol Inform. 2013; 184: 158-60
Guerrero C, Uribe-Quevedo A

The Kinect sensor has opened the path for developing numerous applications in several different areas. Medical and health applications are benefiting from the Kinect as it allows non-invasive body motion capture that can be used in motor rehabilitation and phobia treatment. A major advantage of the Kinect is that allows developing solutions that can be used at home or even the office thus, expanding the user freedom for interacting with complementary solutions to its physical activities without requiring any traveling. This paper present a Kinect-based posture tracking software for assisting the user in successfully match postures required in some exercises for strengthen body muscles. Unlike several videogames available, this tool offers a user interface for customizing posture parameters, so it can be enhanced by healthcare professionals or by their guidance through the user.
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