Recreational Therapy – Florida Drug Addiction Treatment


Recreational Therapy – Florida Drug Addiction Treatment – Recreation is an intregal part of holistic drug addiction rehab and alcohol addiction therapy treatment plans offered by Treatment Alternatives.


Annals of Medicine: Remembering Walter
How Mad Men! Mostly, however, we now use tapering doses of sedative type drugs such as Librium in place of the alcohol. It does take some of the raffish nostalgia out of writing the admitting orders, though. While all hospitals can easily provide … Read more on The Crozet Gazette

Officials set to open Bethlehem drug treatment center
The facility has been licensed by the state and will be an adult co-ed inpatient detox, rehab and dual diagnosis program. … "Pennsylvania has made great strides but still has some 900,000 people who need but do not receive drug and alcohol treatment. Read more on Lehigh Valley Business

Troubled families: 'You need to do something bad before you get support'
When you meet Lisa and her children in their quiet end-of-terrace home it is hard to believe that a couple of years ago they were costing the state so much, but Cusack's report outlining the mother's heroin, crack and alcohol problems, petty offending … Read more on The Guardian