Rebekah Talks About Last Week’s Media Coverage of Eating Disorders


Rebekah talks about last week’s media coverage of eating disorders – Rebekah talks about the article in the daily mail surrounding children with eating disorders, as well as the documentary on ITV on the tonight segment ‘Dying to be thin’. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Email: [email protected]


US Kids Might Not Be Over-Medicated After All

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Others had diagnoses of mood disorders, eating disorders, behavior disorders, substance use or anxiety disorders. Medication use was highest among those with ADHD (31 percent), followed by those with mood disorders (19.7 percent), eating disorders …
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Vanna Talks Candidly About Overcoming 'Bingeing Stage'

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While Vanna never used the phrase "eating disorder," she'd admitted to struggling with "emotional eating" and went on to describe one of the main symptoms of the least-recognized, most common of all the eating disorders: binge eating disorder. …. I …
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As Holidays Bring Heightened Risk for Eating Disorders Relapse, Eating

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To help individuals in recovery from an eating disorder maximize the chances for a healthy, happy holiday season, Eating Recovery Center recommends patients and their loved ones take proactive steps to plan for recovery-focused holiday celebrations …
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Children's Mental Health Conference set for Saturday at FGCU

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The second annual Children's Mental Health Conference Saturday at Florida Gulf Coast University looks at bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse, eating disorders and anxiety from a pediatric perspective. Headliner is Dr. Demitri Papolos of …
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