Really Need Some Help? I’m 15 and My Mom Is Forcing Me Into Counselling?

Question by Madzily: Really need some help? I’m 15 and my mom is forcing me into counselling?
Well, I struggle with self-harm and wannarexia.
So she’s making me see a therapist in April. But before that she’s making me go to the local youth centre for counselling. She is forcing me to give them a call today and do an “intake” or whatever on the phone. I’m socially awkward and don’t know what to say…?

What do I say on the phone? Like how do I tell them I want to use their counselling services? I get paralyzed with fear after “Hello.”
PLease help 🙁

Best answer:

Answer by Farrah
go to counseling trust me. i wish i got this opportunity. yeah i get eth socially awkward thign too. it might get time to get used to but they are there to help not hurt you. i wish you luck <3

Answer by Cassie
just tell them exactly what you said here; your mother asked you to call to talk to them. They will ask you questions and you just answer them honestly. Going to a therapist is not difficult, it can sometimes be uncomfortable when they ask questions you don’t really want to answer but they are just trying to help you. I get the socially awkward thing, I am uncomfortable with people as well but if you find the right therapist it should be like talking to a friend. Best wishes on your healing.

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