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Rawhide’s Youth and Family Counseling Services – www.rawhide.org Rawhide is now offering counseling services in order to reach more at risk families. Since 1965, Rawhide Boys Ranch has been home to thousands of at risk teenage boys in New London Wisconsin. In addition, Rawhide is now helping entire families who are in crisis by establishing Youth and Family Counseling Clinics throughout Wisconsin. Typically, if a youth is at risk, there is a need to help the entire family. Rawhide’s counseling services help boys, girls, siblings, and moms and dads. We are taking all of our years of counseling at-risk young men and helping families in need of help. Rawhide’s Youth and Counseling Services have offices located in Green Bay, Appleton, New London and Milwaukee. Learn how Rawhide is reaching out to help build strong families for generations to come, call 1-877-300-9101 or go to http


Attack demand side of drug abuse

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Cape Cod has seen a surge of criminal activity in the past 10 years that is almost universally tied to drug and alcohol abuse. … In the arena of addictions, focusing on the demand side of the issue falls into the two broad categories of education and …
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Veterans divided by court system

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Heroes when they came home in 2009, Mike Jones and James Sosh dealt with difficult returns to civilian life through bleak hazes of drugs and alcohol. They were diagnosed with … Treatment courts are popular anyway. The justice system supports about …
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