R. Kelly's Crazy 'Panties' Lines

R. Kelly's Crazy 'Panties' Lines
At 22, her anorexia, diagnosed as a teenager, landed her in Boston's McLean Hospital for three months. “During the bad episodes,” recalls a close friend, “Mary always talked about suicide.” At 25, an initial suicide attempt, a plastic bag over her head … Read more on Daily Beast

Without the Prince's Trust I would be dead: award winner
She developed an eating disorder and became involved in an abusive relationship, which made her illness even worse. She eventually ended up in hospital and lost her job. She felt she had lost control of her life, resulting in depression, anxiety and … Read more on Portadown Times

Unraveling the mysteries of the human brain
It has also been used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, and eating disorders such as anorexia. Surprisingly, it has also helped obese patients lose up to 10 percent of their weight. “We plan to start human trials at the end of … He … Read more on Saudi Gazette