Questions About Eating Disorders.?

Question by Addie C: Questions about eating disorders.?
I don’t know why but i like to research stuff about this and i have a few questions that i couldn’t find the answer to.
1) What are the rules in an eating disorder clinic/hospital and what is a typical day like there?
2) Do people with other mental illnesses such as OCD or depression have a higher chance of developing an eating disorder?


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Answer by glistam3
1) It varies with how severe the condition is. Inpatient treatment (where the person stays at the facility) really involves a lot of structure to the person and close monitoring. For this reason eating disorders are ideally treated in setting where all the patients have eating disorders and are separate from units with other conditions. It makes it much easier. There are usually “levels” of care needed and the patient can move between them depending on how severe they are. Meals are scheduled and monitored. There is usually group activities and therapy sessions. Some programs are “residential” meaning the person stays there but there is nothing stopping them from leaving; kind of like a dorm in college. The idea is to provide a safe and supportive environment with medical staff close by. Some are “day treatment” where they stay at home and come in during the day. Involuntary confinement is rare and usually is for people who are suicidal or otherwise at risk of dying from their condition. Some patients are so weak they need IV nutrition. But as you can see there is a great deal of variability so “typical day” can be very different.
2)Conditions like OCD can be “comorbid” with eating disorders. Some people with OCD or depression also have an eating disorder. But comorbidity is not so much a “cause and effect” as it is “correlation.”

Many times medications are used to assist with the person’s mood

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