Question About Working in a Drug/alcohol Rehab Center?

Question by berry: Question about working in a drug/alcohol rehab center?
About a year ago, my brother died from a heroin overdose. It has destroyed my family and ever since then I’ve wanted to work in a drug/alcohol rehab center so that I can help other people save their lives before it is taken by drugs like my brother’s was. I’m now a freshman in college and I figured my best bet was to major in psychology. I have a few questions regarding working in a rehab center.

What exactly would my title be? I’m assuming I would be considered a drug councellor? I want to work directly with the patients and help them recover.
That being said, is psychology the right field?
And finally, what’s it like working in a rehab center? I imagin it will beb very depressing and sressful but I’m so determined to help others recover from addiction. I wish every day that my brother was strong enough to recover.
Thanks for all the answers

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Answer by Will
If you feel strongly like you say you do, then you’ll surely be willing to be proactive in one or more of the following ways.

Go to your college’s career services department and ask them your questions. You should probably start with this one, since there’s no risk and it’s probably free for you as a student. You can also look up rehab centers in your area and contact them. This takes more courage than the first one, and your school’s career services can probably advise you the best way to do this. Consider having an informational interview with some of the counselors and they’ll be able to tell you all about their job, how they got there, etc. as well as answer your questions about how you could get there. This is a good chance for networking too–you may be able to get some kind of internship or whatever if that’s what you’re looking for.

Anyway, start with your school’s career services department. They get paid to deal with this stuff and will be happy to work with and guide a motivated student.

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