Question About Treatment Centers for Depression?

Question by AdamLambertGurl: Question about Treatment Centers for Depression?
Ok I have TennCare and I’m obviously in TN. I have ADD,Depression,Anxiety, Social Phobia,and Agoraphobia. I have a friend who’s helped me a ton with my issues but I need to work them out. I was wondering if there’s any treatment centers where friends can have overnight visits? It’s just this one friend I want to have overnight so I can sleep and all because If my anxiety or phobias are to bad I won’t sleep or focus or anything like that at all. Anyone know of any treatment center that could let my friend be with me overnight?

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Answer by johnsco88
You can have visitors, but not recommended to have sleep overs. The doctors may want to study your behavior and having your friend there might alter your behavior. Also these places are not friendly and they will tell you everyday that you are sick, which will make you more and more sick.

I do not believe in drug treatment, and I think the only way you can settle these problems is to talk about them with a therapist, someone who can give you good advice and who can understand where your mind is. Most therapist will allow your friend to come with you for moral support but may want to talk to you alone.

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