Question About Being Enlisted in the Army and Seeing a Therapist?

Question by d.cakes: Question about being enlisted in the Army and seeing a therapist?
So, I’m in the Army Reserves.. I just graduated basic training August of this year. I was really looking into seeing a therapist for depression/addiction. Is there any way I can get discharged if they find out I am seeing a therapist? I don’t want this to jeopardize my career in any way, but I also feel like I need to seek help first.
Would I need some time in service before I can start counseling?

Serious answers only, please.
And no, I was not depressed or anything before I enlisted so I don’t want the typical “Oh, you shouldn’t have joined the Army if you were dealing with depression..” answer.

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Answer by Paul
The answer is no. If you’re seeing a therapist for whatever reason, it’s actually none of their business. I came back from Iraq and went to see one to get some pills to help me sleep. Continued on for two more years and got out Honorable with disability pay.
Now if you start missing work because the monsters under your bed told you not to go, then an issue might arise.

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