Pros and Cons of Eating Disorder Treatment, Pt 2


Pros and Cons of Eating Disorder Treatment, pt 2 – The Cons…


What's Going on in Needham and Wellesley:
MEDA Eating Disorder Awareness Week Event at Wellesley College – In recognition of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, The Multi-service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA, Inc.) in collaboration the Stone Center Counseling Service at … Read more on

Provisions: A guide for what you need
… magazine editor Matt Samet answers that with his sobering memoir, "Death Grip." It chronicles how one of the top climbers struggled with depression, an eating disorder and an addiction to prescription drugs (benzodiazepines) that nearly killed him. Read more on Sacramento Bee

NTHS film marks National Eating Disorder Week
The aim of NED Awareness Week is to increase awareness and education about eating disorders and body-image issues for effective recognition, early intervention and direction to care. Living in a small community does not exempt us from the occurrence of … Read more on Miami News Record