Pro-Death, Peer Pressure, and Depression ADVICE!


Pro-death, Peer Pressure, and Depression ADVICE! – I give advice on some controversial topics that may or may not get people mad. Oh well though yolo. Follow me on: Twitter: Tu…


Miss Hill City helps Lynchburg students fight stress and depression
Walker, who's now a student at the University of Virginia, battled depression in high school. She's trying to help other girls avoid the same problem, by giving them advice and encouragement. "They're on the threshold of becoming adults and going to … Read more on WDBJ7

The new DSM-5 fails to accurately describe mental illness
My best advice to clinicians, to the press, and to the general public – be skeptical and don't follow DSM-5 blindly down a road likely to lead to massive over-diagnosis and harmful over-medication.” … For those of us who always knew that psychiatric … Read more on Fox News