Princess Diana's Bulimia and How She Became an Eating Disorder Awareness

Princess Diana's bulimia and how she became an eating disorder awareness
Diana's problem persisted until the late 1980s, when one of her friends threatened to tell the press if Diana didn't seek treatment. Finally convinced, Diana began seeing Dr. Maurice Lipsedge at Guy's Hospital in London. He helped her realize that the … Read more on

Lansing woman shares story of sexual abuse, lessons learned
Sleeping & eating disorders. • Self-mutilation. • Phobias. • Psychosomatic symptoms (stomachaches, headaches). • School problems (absences, drops in grades). • Poor hygiene/excessive bathing. • Anxiety. • Guilt. • Regressive behaviors – thumb-sucking, etc. Read more on Detroit Free Press

New Healthy Food Choices at Lakeridge Health – Studio 12 News
People staying at Lakeridge Health can now choose between 16 delicious, healthy food choices at our hospital. And our Oshawa site will have a new retail food…