PRACTICE NEWS: INADEQUATE RECORDKEEPING- HOW TO AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES – David Strehlow explains how electronic medial records can save you time an money.


Reality TV & Social Media: Are Bling Ring Teens Now Tweet/Like/Steal Thieves?
Obviously a bad choice, shoplifting was the consumer version of our eating disorders and drug experiments, yielding us the coveted goods while letting us feel as powerful as we imagined sex would someday be. Our hauls were … Fast forward those same … Read more on BlogHer (blog)

Three women speak for first time about surviving disease
EATING disorders including anorexia, bulimia nervosa, binge eating and compulsive overeating are serious mental illnesses. More than 1.6million men and women in the UK suffer from eating disorders and around 250,000 people every year turn to the … Read more on The Scottish Sun

Appetite for destruction
Caroline's* 12-year battle with eating disorders has been a long and harrowing one. Over the years, the illness has literally eaten away at her and her family's peace of mind. The 25-year-old went through various doctors, psychologists and … Read more on Times of Malta