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postpartum depression symptoms – postpartum depression symptoms


Baby pinks? Postpartum euphoria can be as dangerous as 'baby blues'

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Most new moms have heard of the “baby blues,” the term often used for postpartum depression, which causes anxiety and feelings of intense sadness. But it turns out there is a little-known opposite condition too, called the “baby pinks.” The “baby pinks …
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I Lost Weight: Jen Hamel Started Working Out At Home And Lost 70 Pounds

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After having two children (within 15 months) and quitting smoking, I had gained more than 60 pounds and was starting to feel symptoms of postpartum depression. Breaking Point: After my daughter was born, we had a family reunion. As I looked through the …
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Put Down Your Birth Plan: How Idealizing Motherhood Is Causing Post-Partum

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However, when those blues last longer than a few weeks, and deepen with time, it is likely that the new mom is suffering from Post-Partum Depression (PPD). Brubaker cites that one in five mothers suffers from PPD. Symptoms of PPD can often include …
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Investigators find evidence of lethal injections

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"We do know that post-partum depression, which can be a mental health issue can extend for months, sometimes much longer than that, and we do know that women experience it,” said Hopkins, “I think from a police perspective, we may not fully understand …
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