Postpartum Depression? Men?

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Question by WormGrunter: Postpartum Depression? Men?
My wife and I raised three beautiful daughters! Never had a bit of trouble with them even through the teen age years! All three were two years apart in age. Around 21 the oldest found a boyfriend and got engaged and decided to go live with him before the marriage, (might sound old fashion, but that was unacceptable in our family) very soon after that the youngest one at 17 ran away to live with the brother of the oldest daughter fiancee, in other words two sisters ran off with two brothers. Both went to the courthouse to get married, Middle daughter in the mean time found her a boyfriend and we did have traditional wedding. Now after all this I’m left in a Deep depression! It is so bad I lost my job eight months ago! Have been under a Dr.s (psychiatrist) care for over two years! and playing the medications carousel. But all this seemed to come on me about the time the kids left! Water has gone under the bridge and everyone is talking and getting along very well now and all of us stay in contact, but I just cannot shake this Painful, debilitating condition! I know this sounds weird but is this some form of Postpartum Depression? in men? I just don’t know.

Just want this heavy wet blanket off me!

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Answer by Leandro
It’s a sense of loss and communication. You were used to seeing them every day and they were your “babies”

Do not worry sir, a lot of people go through this. And you don’t necessarily have to.

Simply find a hobby such as an outdoor sport, riding a motorcycle, pursuing a new job/career and laying off on any sort of medication/counseling you attend.

No one needs therapy when you keep a positive mind. But hey! You’re never to old to get into video games either.

Travel, explore, go bike riding, get an ice cream, get a coffee with the wife and enjoy the great outdoors!

Hope this helps, stay positive and be happy sir. stay strong!

Answer by BxMuscle
What you didn’t say was whether your daughters are happy with men that treat them well. The answer to that should determine whether you’re depressed or happy about their situations, not whether or not they’ve decided to live their own lives according to your expectations.

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