Possible to Join Military – Specifically Marine Corps – With History of Mental Disorders?

Question by Andrei R: Possible to join military – specifically Marine Corps – with history of mental disorders?
I am planning on trying to join the Marine Corps in roughly half a year; however, I have a history of mental disorders. These mental disorders include being clinically diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum (Asperger’s) and also cases of “general and social anxiety”, “depression”, “eating disorder symptoms”, “suicidal tendencies”, and “psychosis.” I have previously been on medications and have been placed in psychiatric wards three times.

And although it is not entirely relevant, I would like to point out that physically I am in excellent shape and confident that I can pass the physical fitness test with a perfect score. But my problem is: with this kind of past record – and even despite the fact that I do not believe these mental disorders apply to me anymore – is it at all plausible that I would be accepted into the Marine Corps?

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Answer by Anthony
No, it’s an automatic DQ usually

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