Possible Help for Severe Depression


Possible help for severe depression – This mental exercise is meant to disconnect you from old guilt you laid on yourself after the death of a person or animal you were very attached to. Every person I work with having depression I do this type of disconnect therapy. They often say afterwards, “I feel lighter.” It takes about 10 seconds of actual disconnect therapy.


Flanagan story a warning about the risks of depression

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For individuals who express suicidal intent, immediate emergency room treatment is required. Psychiatric and psychological studies show that the most successful treatment for major depression is the combination of psychiatric and psychological …
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Blog helps tackle silence about depression

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A young South Australian has taken to blogging to help break down the silence about depression and mental illness. Kirsty Arnold started her blog Unspoken Conversations in June and has already had almost 9,000 views and been overwhelmed at the early …
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Going public with depression

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There is palpable relief from my physician and parents; nothing is physically wrong with me (thank God, not the cancer they've quietly feared) — likely just a bout of depression. While it helps a little to have a name for the sensation, I'm less …
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