POLICE OFFICERS, Put Yourself in His Place, Try to Think Like He Does, My Son 23 Is Currently in Jail For?

Question by Dona: POLICE OFFICERS, put yourself in his place, try to think like he does, my son 23 is currently in jail for?
letting traffic violations, seat belt, speeding, out of date sticker, etc…all pile up and now he is in a “CORRECTIONAL FACILITY” for 6 months. Okay, first..he is a high school drop-out, he was spoiled rotten as a teen, his first “Job” was working with a guy cutting trees. At the end of the first week he got paid…week 2 he gets a bottle of 120 hydro’s (hydrocodone, I guess) and the guy tells him, “Man you can sell these and make way more than what I was supposed to pay you” (yeah, right!! he was 17 his dad and I had no knowledge until WAY after the fact. So, blah, blah, he gets hooked on pills, stole stuff, pawned stuff whatever it took to get his “fix”. He finally ended up on methadone. This is the stuff they give people to get off some street drug, ie..heroine? So, me and his dad finally figure out all this and end up taking him to a methadone clinic every day for 6 months. They are supposed to dose him down and get him off of it. They gave him more and he ends up worse than when he started!(Yes, daddy and I paid every day to try to help our son get off drugs) We find out that this so-called clinic makes MILLIONS of dollars a year keeping people hooked on methadone. I call whoever I can think of to tell them…news, police, lawyers,,etc.. NOTHING is done. The clinic is still open. Anyway, we refuse to take him anymore, he goes ballistic! screaming,cussing me-his own mother! We kick him out. He is like a little bloodsucker moving from friend to friend until he comes here begs on his knees to let him stay here until he gets off it and will I please help him through withdrawal? Yes, he did it it was awful, gross, disgusting, but we did it. Now he tries to find a job, finds some keeps them a while, starting getting tickets, speeding, then he got his license revoked. Lets the tickets pile up again and ends up in jail again, he knows he can’t live here anymore, he is now 23,no drivers license, homeless, no car, no diploma. Can you imagine what is going through his mind? I know you cops see all kinds of stuff. But what is the answer? He already knows he MESSED up bad! He admits it, We all know this, we know where mistakes were made. Is his life over at 23? He is off drugs because he says he can’t get pills in jail. But, when he gets out what is he supposed to do? Police officers, law enforcement agencies, judges, lawyers…anybody…especially police I know you see pitiful stuff all the time, He knows where he made his mistakes and wishes to God that he could start over….can he? please give me suggestions, comfort, prayers anything but smart-eleck remarks. I really don’t need that I need help, he needs help he knows that. Please please put yourself in his shoes and give me suggestions, nice ones, (even if YOU would never do anything like that) Officers I know things like this go through your mind, suggestions, encouragement….anything?
why thank-you officer ICET that is exactly what I needed to know..
could a REAL police officer with a heart answer my question, I don’t need preaching. He is going to come out of jail with no where to go, no food to eat,no way to get to the GED school. He IS paying for his actions by being in jail. , how does a homeless person become a responsible citizen? He is sorry, he is ready to start fresh he has realized the error of his ways. I am talking the DAY he gets out…how does he start?

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Answer by IceT
He made bad decisions and broke the law! He now has to suffer the consequences! He needs to understand that his actions have consequences!!!!!!!

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