Please Help! How Can You Make It Look Like Your 3 Pounds Heavier on the Scale?

Question by lexy: please help! how can you make it look like your 3 pounds heavier on the scale?
im on vacation with my grandparents and before i left i kinda had an eating disorder and my mom took me to doctors and everything and everyone thought i shouldnt go cause they thought i’d get worse and i was 93 when i left but now im 90. and my mom said if i lose any weight when i come back she will put me in a hospital so i need help. should i tape something heavy under my clothes or somethin when my mom weighs me? i need some ideas asap!
i dont think im that underweight but im 13 years old and 5’3 and im 90 pounds

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Answer by PrettynPink
Drink lots of water, wear baggy clothes, or clothes that weigh alot. If they are baggy, try & hide some rocks in there. Oh, and don’t go to the bathroom before they weigh you. Trust me, you lost a little weight after you go =] Kinda gross, but that’s the truth!

Answer by mlgable
No don’t lie and you should be weighed in nothing more than your underwear or naked preferrably. You need help so be glad that your mother is looking out for you. Eating disorders are very serious and often cause death so please don’t lie and get the help you need to save your life.


My exciting adventure…:S – I was in the hospital. Sorry it’s been so long since the update.


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