Please Help!!! Eating Disorder Recovery!!?

Question by BLah: Please help!!! Eating disorder recovery!!?
I’m planning on going into recovery for bulimia. I’ve had it for the past 4 years. I’ve read that some people gained weight while they had the eating disorder and then lost about 30 lbs or more while they were in recovery. Since i’ve had my eating disorder til now I’ve actually lost alot of weight. I would binge alot but when I purge I know that everything has came out and I’d have to flush the toilet 3 times for everything to go down. (Sorry about too much info) Has anyone on here recovered from an eating disorder before? Did you lose weight or gain? And what was the process of the recovery? Did you only have to go to therapy or did you have to go live an a rehab place to recover?? Please help!!

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Answer by Maddie D
I FEEL LIKE SLAPPING YOU! how could you be bulimic in the first place! and it is probably natural, ask a doctor if your that worried

Answer by Strhdtj
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