Personal Reflection Triggers Increased Brain Activity During Depressive Episode

Personal reflection triggers increased brain activity during depressive episode
Researchers scanned the brains of people in major depressive episodes and those that weren't whilst they chose positive, negative and neutral adjectives to describe either themselves or the British Queen – a figure significantly removed from their … Read more on University of Manchester

Super typhoon Haiyan: Philippines death toll fears mount as armed looters appear
The fate of Melbourne man Greg Cummins, 60, who ran a small hotel on the Guiuan waterfront remains unknown. Mr Cummins, a retired builder, lives in the town with his Filipino wife Ryla. The storm, which at its … have been rushing back from around the … Read more on Sydney Morning Herald

Veterans' Access To Mental Health Services Needs Fixing
As a retired Marine, I have witnessed firsthand the hardships facing our returning men and women, and know the difficulties don't end when their tours are over. An estimated 20% of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans screen positive for PTSD or depression … Read more on

The Hidden Truth – Depression and Men