People With Fibromyalgia, How Do You Cope With Your Pain?

Question by Donna: People with Fibromyalgia, how do you cope with your pain?
I’ve suspected I have fibromyalgia for several years. I was officially diagnosed yesterday. I do not have health insurance and I have to go to a “reduced-fee clinic” and the doctor I saw didn’t go into a lot of detail on how to live with this. He gave me a Rx for Tramadol for the pain. He told me to do stretches, keep my mental health in check, reduce stress, quit smoking, lose weight, and it might help to find a support group. That’s about it. I’m having a pretty bad flare up and the Tramadol he gave me isn’t doing much. If you have fibromyalgia, how do you deal with the pain? Is there/was there more that my doctor could have done? I’m really interested in hearing what other sufferers do to relieve their pain and tension.

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Answer by gypsyveg
Drink VIVO water.

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