People Are Trying to Use My Disability Against Me?

Question by Jazzy: People are trying to use my disability against me?
I been diagnosed with depression. I have a case with Division of Rehab. I think the people that work there not doing their job and are verbally abusive. I told the manager that I was going to make a complaint on them to an outside agency because they are doing to my case and people are being unprofessional. Two days Later they closed my case saying my disability is too significant. What? its the truth. Even my teacher said that Division of Rehab is demoralizing and she would never work there, but I guess everyone is crazy. People just dont want to take responsibility for their actions and is trying to destroy my character? is this discrimination on the basis of my disability or what can I do. Advice please?
fodaddy, you know the whole story. i hate when people take bits of pieces of what i said an twist it.

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Answer by Ed Fox
Perhaps you should consider seeking treatment for extreme paranoia. Aside from that “depression” is not a disability.
Be aware that if any of your claims against a company are found to be inaccurate, you can be sued yourself for slander/libel

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