Partners in the Struggle,Jordan and Greenlee3


Partners in the Struggle,Jordan and Greenlee3 – Comments With Dr. James Haney Presents* a discussion on what can be done against youth violence and killings,Part 3 of 3. I need your support to continue this site. Send me a donation at or write me at james haney, PO Box 591, Mt. Juliet, Tn, 37121-0591. I appreciate any help you can give, drjhaney, This video has Enhanced Text (et)drjhaney In addition to accidental deaths the Report examined teen violent deaths in homicide and suicide. Weapons and drugs are frequently implicated in these violent deaths, with alcohol being the most popular drug among teens. “As weapons and drugs become more and more accessible to teenagers,” the Report said, “the combination of the two serves to heighten emotions and escalate violence, resulting in a deadly synergism.” While white teens were most likely to die in accidents and by suicide, homicide is more prevalent among African American teens. “In fact,” the Report noted, “the firearm death rate nationwide for African American teen males was 2.8 times the rate for natural causes in 1988.” In Tennessee, African American homicide firearm deaths in 1990 almost tripled those of 1980. The level of violence the Report considered has become a part of our school system, which is only a reflection of the violence in our homes and society. The General Assembly, for example, is considering a bill that would make it a felony for parents if their child killed another child with a handgun. Such radical proposals only testify to


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