Part 2: YouTube Challenge…


Part 2: YouTube Challenge… – So hope you guys consider doing this with me because it’s really hard getting over something like this alone. Let’s do this together! game? Don’t give up! =)


Wine, Women, and Hand-Wringing
In response to this, in early 2013, the CDC released a report on women and binge drinking, stating that one in eight adult women now reported indulging in the behavior; it also outlined the unique risk factors women face when it comes to drinking … Read more on Philadelphia Magazine (blog)

These Young Chickies Laughing All the Way to the Bank
"Like, for instance, when it comes to dating, all the stuff that is counterintuitive, such as disliking guys who are nice and being drawn to guys who don't treat us well." No. 33 on the list is: … Binge drinking and sexting, definitely. Eating … Read more on The Ledger

Oh, Go Ahead, Destroy Marco Rubio
So are a lot of Republicans, Republicans who haven't shown a proclivity to go over to the other side when it counts. Has he ever run a state? Is he a brilliant thinker? Carroll, who's punctured Rubio's immigration misstatements as effectively as anyone … Read more on Daily Caller