Part 2: Weight Discrimmination and ED Diagnosis


Part 2: Weight Discrimmination and ED Diagnosis – 2 Part Lecture on Weight Discrimmination and ED Diagnosis and Associated Misconceptions and Stereotypes. This series was orginally made for Recovery Happnes Now! which is no longer running. I chose to upload my lecture to my own account to help further benefit others. Here is the original text from the info box: Johnny from Femmes on Friday lectures on Painfulfsoulbleedings topic request: weight discrimination and eating disorder diagnosis, as well as associated misconceptions and stereotypes. In this series I put strong emphasis on the medical field as that is where we get most of our information from and where we go to seek help for eating disorders. Education is crucial in effectively treating eating disorders yet so many people are misinformed due to generalized belief boxes (stereotypes) even those we are supposed to trust the most when getting help: DOCTORS. I am not trying to bash the medical field. I am standing up for my own beliefs that we need to stop weight discrimination, misconceptions and stereotypes in relation to eating disorders. This includes medical interaction which really holds the power to help change things but first it must change. How can you help? SPEAK UP. Every voice counts. We must show the world the realities of our eating disorders weight does not determine how sick you are or what sickness you suffer from. This is a 2 part series. I found it very difficult to get all my points across in 10 minutes. The total runtime of this video is


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It's a really important time for students to get treatment.” Barnett, who grew up … The counseling services, which range from depression and anxiety to substance abuse and eating disorders, are available free to any registered student at Florida Tech …
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