Overweight and Eating to Cope?

Question by Anonymous Person: Overweight and eating to cope?
I’m 11 years old and in 6th grade. My doctor has told me that I am overweight (148 lbs., 5’1″ in July) and made me sign a contract to say that I will get 30 min. of activity daily, 4 fist-fulls of fruits daily,and only 2 hours of TV/computer. Since then I am 155.5 lb., 5’1 and three quarter inches. I have totally been violating my contract and when I am upset I eat and/or watch TV/Go on the internet. I rarely get out and I feel like I am ugly, fat, and that everybody talks about me behind my back. I know nobody talks about me (I actually have many friends) but I can’t help but feel like everybody is looking at me and thinking I am ugly. It doesn’t help that my life long dream is to become a singer (I started writing songs when I was three). I took a sanity test and it told me that I have an eating disorder of 60, Technology Issues of 69, and Self Esteem Issues of 83. I would LOVE to go to a psychiatrist/therapist to help me, but I brought it up with my parents once and they said “Oh no sweetie, you don’t need to go to a therapist.” I am afraid to go to a school counselor because it is my first year in middle school and I don’t know her at all. I know she can help me but I am scared to ask. I feel like it’s not such a big deal, but the inside of me screams and writhes in pain. I have had stress issues before where I made a sort of schedule to help me do everything and it worked great before. Now that I just sit at home, doing nothing, it gets really late and then I have to do school work. I feel like ripping out all of my hair. So I guess my main issue is this; I am overweight, I eat and watch TV/Internet to cope with it, and at the end of the day; I would rather watch TV than do my homework. I am smart and try to stay strong when I can, but sometimes I wish the world would just go away, let me be fat, not make me have homework, and make me feel pretty instead.

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Answer by Decrepidactyl
Something tells me you are not 11 years old……

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