Overcoming Eating Disorders – My Story

Overcoming Eating Disorders – My Story — My new recipe e-book: http://www.40belowfruity.com/e-books ? Check out the network I’m a part of here on Youtube! http://www.youtube.com/user/stylemeFIT ? …

Dr. Jeff Hersh: Helping friend with eating disorder
Q: I think my best friend, who is 16 like me, has anorexia. She is really skinny but she refuses to eat anything. Is there any way I can help? A: Restricting caloric intake even when someone is underweight for their age and size is one of the …
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'225': BR women battling body image issues head on
As detailed in a 225 feature by contributing writer Jennifer Macha in the March issue, Dempsey is sharing her own story and helping to raise awareness of eating disorders and methods of overcoming them through her nonprofit organization, Southern Smash.
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Paula Brochu: Here are myths and truths about eating disorders
According to some reports, one out of every 10 individuals with an eating disorder is male, and boys and men were identified as the fastest growing group. Most troubling is the myth that someone with an eating disorder can simply "choose" to overcome it.
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