Overcoming Anxiety: The Importance of Emotional Mindfulness


Overcoming Anxiety: the Importance of Emotional Mindfulness – www.cfcliving.com So many people avoid their true emotions because of the anxiety they engender. This desire to avoid can lead to unhealthy behaviors like addictions and result in emotional distance from those closest to us. Learn healthy ways to manage and overcome your discomfort with your emotions and the feelings they bring up. Learn how to live like you mean it, even when times are tough. Reserve your free copy of the 30 minute audio program, Optimal Living in Challenging Times at www.cfcliving.com Dr. Ron Frederick helps people all over the world to use the wisdom and power of their emotions to get the lives they really want.


New app WhatsMyM3 tests for treatable mood disorders

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Dr. Daviss says the app's 3-minute test has been medically proven to reliably screen for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. Online or on your phone, the medical monitoring of mood checklist creates a score for …
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Has WebMD Become Synonymous With Big Pharma?

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The concern focused on a "rigged" online test for depression that was created so that even if the user answered "no" to all of the 10 questions (which are all framed so that the "yes" answer indicates depressed behavior) the test's response would …
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Controlling depression is associated with improved health for heart-failure

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The study is available online now and will be distributed in the print issue of Circulation: Heart Failure on Nov. 20. "The improved endurance measurements were especially striking," said study lead … The six-minute walk test also showed significant …
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