OT Interventions-Depression and Suicide


OT Interventions-Depression and suicide – about the music–i seriously do not know. im changing it. later.


Social Media Is the Next Intervention for Childhood Obesity

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Not only are obese children at greater risk for developing chronic health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes, but the mental ramifications of childhood obesity can range from lack of self-confidence to severe depression. In the social media …
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Chiefs' Jovan Belcher had access to NFL-sponsored support programs

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The sessions included handling personal and family relationships, depression, finances, drug and alcohol use, proper use of firearms and where to find help and counsel for anything that might be bothering them. Unfortunately, the programs offered by …
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Dance intervention help girls emotions hit a positive note (Video)

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Dance therapy is helpful to teens with problems that include anxiety, depression and poor self-esteem. In this new study researchers examine whether dance intervention can influence self-rated health for adolescent girls with internalizing problems …
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