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Optimal Wellness Center on Fox59 (Zionsville, IN – Dr Lauren Montieth) – Feeling stressed out? Tired of being tired? Feel like your doctor can’t tell you what’s going on inside your body? Neurotransmitter treatment might just be the key to making you feel better. Dr. Lauren Montieth targets and tests your nervous system instead. She uses nerve scan technology and tests your neurotransmitter levels. Neurotransmitters reflect your mood, how you feel, and if you have been under long term stress or anxiety, there’s a good chance your levels will be out of whack. Montieth tests 12 different neurotransmitters. No needles involved! You just take samples of your saliva and your urine at home, several times, for one day.


Medical Food Aids in the Treatment of Major Depression

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… to result in a treatment outcome (efficacy) superior to continued SSRI therapy plus placebo in both primary outcome measures," write George Papakostas, MD, from the Center for Treatment-Resistant Depression at Massachusetts General Hospital in …
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Lack of sunlight causing increase in depression

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Coping with this type of depression does take some effort, says Baxter Chandler, the Director of Behavioral Health at Holyoke Medical Center. "They (people with seasonal depression) want to get as much light as they possibly can, as much natural sunlight.
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