Open Carry in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Open carry in a post-apocalyptic world
But as an open carrier, you see him coming, pull your favorite firearm and double-tap center of bad-guy-exposed-mass (before most people can clear leather) to remove him from the gene pool and keep your family safe. Happy ending to a scary story. Isn't … Read more on Daily Caller

Gov. Bentley in Athens: Alabama was 'broke' when he took office, now saving
Bentley visited Athens State University's Center for Lifelong Learning to tell local leaders how the state's economy is faring and hear from them on local development. Rep. Dan Williams, R-Athens, and … In addition, the Alabama Transportation … Read more on

Dr. Sack Discusses the Professional Health Program
The Professional Health Program is a specialized treatment program for doctors, attorneys, and other high-profile professionals that works with licensing boa…