One Year Later: Owatonna Woman Looks at Life After an Attempted Suicide

One year later: Owatonna woman looks at life after an attempted suicide
The hospital diagnosed Kempe with depression and anxiety. After nearly two months at Mercy, the hospital finally found a more long-term treatment facility and moved her to Community Options, an intensive residential treatment services center in Fridley.

The emotional roller coaster ride called bipolar disorder
Two weeks prior to her fatal leap from the 28th floor of her residential building, socialite-model Helena Belmonte tweeted the message, “Slash my wrists and hope to die!” Most people harbor the belief that those who … People who suffer from bipolar …
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Emotional stories heard on Day 1 of Truth and Reconciliation hearings
Myrtle Calahasin, 81, told the commissioners about the strained relationships in her family, which she believes can be traced back to her time in a residential school. "I was taken out of the comfortable, loving home and put in a hellhole of …

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