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Tampa's Marcy Moore led many lives
Her father, a former middleweight champion boxer, didn't believe in doctors; mother Helen did. She took her daughter to … On several occasions, when depression took over or the voices got too loud, she was hospitalized for shock treatments. That … Read more on Tbo.com

Fancy doing an autopsy or amputation? Learn how at Hampton Court Palace
Children and adults can enjoy discovering all there is to know about royal illness, including meeting King Henry VIII and hearing how his lucky doctors tasted his urine to diagnose him. A special late-night opening will give people the chance to delve … Read more on Richmond and Twickenham Times

If Your Child Has ADHD You Could Qualify for a Tax Credit
If you have a child or teen with moderate or severe ADD/ADHD, or ADHD with significant coexisting conditions (like Autism, Depression, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities) it is worth completing the form and applying. To do … Read more on Huffington Post Canada (blog)