Obama Taps John Koskinen to Take Over IRS

Obama taps John Koskinen to take over IRS
He had that quiet strength and openness to take a very depressed management team and employee group to give them a confidence they were valued and the company had a future.” Koskinen has been a prolific donor to Democratic political campaigns, … Read more on Daily Caller

Solutions to military sexual assault
Recently, the Journal of Traumatic Stress concluded that female outpatients of Veterans Health Administration facilities who had been sexually assaulted were significantly more likely to be depressed and abuse alcohol. Even as patients, women who were … Read more on Diamondback Online

Remove Temptation To Stick To Long-Term Goals
Participants also had the option of removing the option for the small reward altogether — by enacting precommitment — so that they wouldn't have to encounter it at all, and just go with the bigger, delayed reward. … Center in the Bronx, N.Y … Read more on Huffington Post

Depression Treatment