Obama Shifts Into Rhetorical Overdrive at Ford Factory

Obama shifts into rhetorical overdrive at Ford factory
Obama and allied Democrats have repeatedly threatened to kill any GOP budget plan that doesn't include funds for the government-directed Obamacare network, even though polls show the network is increasingly unpopular. Republicans say they support … Read more on Daily Caller

US Sen. Mitch McConnell blames EPA regulations for creating economic
… the coal industry. McConnell blamed those regulations for creating an economic depression in the Kentucky coalfields where some 4,000 miners lost their jobs last year. … McConnell said Kentucky is facing “a genuine emergency,” pointing to news … Read more on Washington Post

Two top GOP leaders quit immigration group, blame Obama
Last June, Obama used a campaign-style event in the Rose Garden to announce a conditional legalization for younger immigrants, even though Congress had repeatedly voted down the proposal. The legalization likely spurred Latino support for Obama in … Read more on Daily Caller

Delays beset veterans health care system
A little more than half are diagnosed with mental health issues like PTSD and depression. “That's not everyone who may need mental health care,” Ms. Moore said. “Every step of the way you are losing people that could be getting help.” One complication … Read more on Washington Times